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Welcome to
The Best Dang Tool for the Best Online Game in the WORLD Utopia!

The tool that puts the fun and amazing attributes of Utopia into your hands to bring it to a new level of game play! Not only that, it is a wonderful way to unite your Kingdom and make wars much more fun by giving you powerful technology to organize and view combat data and statistics no other application can do. If you go to war with a Kingdom that doesn’t use, it is like fighting an army armed with swords and catapults with your Mechanized 21st century divisions.

What you will find in UtopiaPimp is the ability to see who’s army is out and what opponents and teammates have ops on them. This stunning tool can tell your whole Kingdom at a click who has gold, runes or food for stealing. It tracks total attacks made by your kingdom or how many acres your team and the opponent have swapped allowing everyone in your kingdom to make wise and informed battle choices.

Monarchs will be especially appreciative of the ability UtopiaPimp will give them to see who needs help in the kingdom and to track the status of all their Provinces. Monarchs that use this tool will always insure that when they press the button for war, their kingdom is ready to win!

From a Users point of View: is a site that formats all war information into a one page overview. It allows the KD to paste all intel, ops, spells and attacks on one page. So if I cast a spell (eg storms) and paste it into pimp, you and your kingdom mates will see the storms and how long it will last. There is an icon for every offensive spell. If I do three gc steals and paste them into pimp, it will total them and list them under recent ops. If you do a SoM when their troops are out, it will display that with an icon. It also color codes how recent every CB, survey, and science spy is. It also allows you to sort the enemy, for example by modified defense. So you can find a nice target to break. It also groups all the intel on a specific enemy province into a summary page.

This allows us to not have cluttered forum threads during war, nor search through CBs and intel looking for the one you want or the most recent one. It also will let you see what was done already to reduce duplication of spell ops, or say casting vermin on an undead (the race and personalities of all the enemy are listed on the main page).

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  • - Spread the word about UtopiaPimp EASILY!
SpoiledTechie can be found on IRC at #Utopiapimp.