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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: May 20th 2009

Personal/User information

Your personal information (email address, etc.) and user account information will never be given out to third parties. Your email will only be used to send you confirmation information about your registration at as well as instructions if you ever choose to reset your password. Additionally, I (the administrator and creator of might contact you via email to contribute in some way or another to it self.

Your user information cannot be seen by anyone else, including your kingdom mates. Information entered on the Profiles page can be seen by your kingdom mates and no one else, and by default, your email address is not shown. While I have access to the user information, I will only access it in the above scenarios, and not for any reasons outside of directly assisting you with Utopiapimp.

Kingdom intelligence/information

A kingdom's collection of intelligence and information can only be viewed by that kingdom, and only when a user who is connected to that kingdom is logged into the site. Furthermore, the monarch of that kingdom can grant access to kingdom information on a per user basis, so only the users chosen by the monarch can have access to kingdom info. This is done as a security measure to allow a reasonable amount of control over new provinces and defectors/defectee's access to kingdom intelligence.

I will never access a kingdom's information unless that kingdom has reported a bug or issue with a feature of In that case, only information pertinent to the bug/problem is looked at, and everything else is ignored.

Old kingdom data may be used for strictly anonymous statistics gathering for Utopiapimp exclusive features. Please see the section 'Old kingdom data' below for more information.

A kingdom's account with Utopiapimp will never be revealed by myself or some feature of the site. In other words, there is no way to confirm that a specific kingdom uses Utopiapimp unless a member of that kingdom publicly mentions it. There are no lists of kingdoms that are registered, and kingdom-affiliation and province names are not shown in user profiles at Utopiapimp's public forums (Coming Soon).


Web-browser cookies are used on the site for a few purposes. The first is to allow a customized experience within the by remembering which account you are currently logged in to, or by temporarily remembering settings (such as the sort direction of a column) for the duration of your session.

Website browsing statistics

There are only two types of statistics gathered by the website. The first set are summaries of website traffic and activity that are automatically generated by statistics packages that often come with web hosting accounts. The website will occasionally have timing statistics enabled, which will measure how fast webpages are generated; this is done in order to pinpoint slow pages and provide a faster experience to the user. Both of these sets of statistics are only availabe to myself, and are completely anonymous in nature.

Old kingdom data

Kingdom data from a previous age may be used in a strictly anonymous fashion to generate statistics for use in Utopiapimp functionality. The data from the previous age is used with any kind of information that ties the data to a specific user, province, or kingdom. For example, a scan might be done to determine average thieves/per acre and wizards/per acre values for specific race, personality, and acre-ranges. In this case, a crystal-ball would be scanned to extract the race, personality, acres, wizards, and thieves - leaving everything else alone. This ensures absolute anonymity within the data.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please don't hestitate to contact me using one of the contacts listed at the bottom of this page.
SpoiledTechie can be found on IRC at #Utopiapimp.